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Vol. 001
By: Richard Schreiber and Elaine Cereola

VAI’s technical bulletin has been designed to provide increased customer assistance by offering the latest information and services from VAI and System 2000, including training support, answers to frequently asked questions, product enhancements, documentation and help desk services. In addition, the bulletin features useful System 2000 hints and tips in the Bright Ideas! corner.

System 2000 PTF3.7.3 is released in July 2004

System 2000 users are a big part of the enhancement process at VAI. Listening to the needs of our customers and incorporating customer requests into System 2000 has assisted in establishing System 2000 as a leader in Enterprise Management Software.

VAI announced the release of System 2000 PTF3.7.3 in July of 2004. PTF 3.7.3 includes changes that were added to the system based on customer requests at the 2003 User Conference. These new features coupled with additional enhancements added by VAI’s Research & Development team will expand overall performance of System 2000 and improve ease of use at the end user level. Enhancements Include:

User Conference Requests:
  • Added flexibility in Manufacturing: item messaging, user control of Manufacturing Order close.
  • Accounting for standard costing for purchased parts/expense items.
  • Ability to view reports as Adobe® PDF files.
  • Ability to launch reports as Microsoft® Excel files.
  • Additional Triggers for enhanced customer service workflow processing.

Additional Enhancements:
  • Quarterly Sales Analysis reporting & drill down capabilities.
  • Enhanced POS functionality including; pick up processing, variable dollar gift cards, additional security and taxing options.
  • Lot and kit processing via the Warehouse Management Module.
  • CRM –campaign tracking.

A complete listing of all the features available at various release levels can be found by visiting the VAI website using your customer password and login (see Bright Ideas!). This PTF documentation keeps the user up to the minute on System 2000 product enhancements. Please visit our website for a complete listing of changes and enhancements included at all PTF release levels.

IBM Announces New i5 series

IBM has announced the newest iSeries Server, the i5. The new line of model 520 and 570 servers provides greater price performance compared to existing models available from IBM. In the entry level models, the new 520 when compared to it's model 800 predecessor will deliver almost 70% more CPW in batch and almost 20% more interactive for the same price.

For the larger models you can upgrade your existing 8XX machine to the new model 520 or 570 models. Again price performance prevails with greater performance when compared to the 810,825 models. HSL loops are twice as fast and redundant power supplies are also available. LPAR no longer requires a primary partition and is controlled by the Hardware Service Manager (HSM). Capacity-on-demand enhancements provide additional memory on demand and automatic COD if processors spike. Activation fees are also reduced

8XX models can be upgraded to the new 520 line.


System 2000 Release 3.7.3 and higher offers the user the opportunity to view reports and file listings as Adobe® PDF files by entering *VIEW in the ‘Output Queue’field on report and file listing prompt windows and some batch processing areas. Entering *VIEW in this field and clicking on RUN INTERACTIVE will launch Adobe Reader® and display the report as a PDF image.

System 2000 Release 3.7.3 and higher also offers the user the opportunity to launch certain reports as Microsoft® Excel worksheets. Entering *EXCEL in the ‘Output Queue’field on report prompt windows and clicking on RUN INTERACTIVE will launch Microsoft® Excel and display the report as a Microsoft® Excel worksheet.

*VIEW and *EXCEL features are available provided the user has the above-mentioned products installed on his/her PC.


VAI offers a dynamic suite of customer support. Professional services, including hot line and technical support, System 2000 training and education opportunities, user documentation at every level, web support and development, and special request services, including custom financial report template creation and documentation.

Financial Reporting
VAIís reporting team, with its strong financial background, can create complex custom financial statement report templates based on customer specifications and needs.

Motivated trainers offer comprehensive training courses enabling users to take full advantage of all System 2000 benefits. A variety of education options are offered to users, additionally training courses can be customized to meet specific customer needs. Training is available at VAI’s Corporate Headquarters, at the customer site or via webex.

VAI provides a collection of documentation to illustrate the functionality of System 2000 Enterprise Management software. The varying documentation options are designed to assist a specific group of System 2000 users. This omnibus of works provides system administrators, managerial staff, financial personnel and end users with the information they need to successfully navigate the System 2000 Enterprise Management package.

  • Installation guides provide new software owners with step-by-step instructions and support when setting up System 2000 on the IBM eServerTM.
  • Systems Manuals offer management and technical personnel the knowledge to create and build a database of the information needed for your organization to run at optimum performance levels. Additionally, System 2000 manuals have been designed to assist in making the System 2000 user more productive. These manuals have been structured to follow the same menu options available throughout the entire System 2000 Enterprise Management package. This consistency reduces time spent searching for needed information. System manuals are detailed in nature and provide the user with an in depth look at the functionality available in all System 2000 modules.
  • System 2000 user guides have been designed to provide the user with a quick look at some of the important features of the System 2000 Enterprise Management Software package. Geared to the end user, they provide the information needed to perform the day-to-day operational tasks of an organization. Our goal in creating user guides is to take the user, step by step, through the processes that will make them successful System 2000 users.
  • System 2000 manuals and user guides are shipped to new customers in both printed format and on CD. To obtain additional copies please contact VAI at 1.800.824.7776.
  • On-line Help Text is provided throughout System 2000 from screen to screen and assists the user in gaining general knowledge directly from the screen they are currently navigating.
  • Adobe® PDF files of all System 2000 Systems Manuals and User Guides are available at by using your customer password and login (see Bright Ideas!).

Hot-Line Support
VAI’s knowledgeable technical support team assists users with System 2000 questions. Software and technical issues can be submitted via, phone, fax or electronically via the Online Support Solutions Center, most issues will be addressed within the same business day. Base package program issues will be assigned to a help desk technician. Hardware or technical questions concerning modified programs may be re-assigned to a hardware technician or a project leader.

Success Stories: ‘Making A Difference’

VAI Technical Support Staff Minimizes New Castle Battery Downtime:
On February 11, 2004 New Castle Battery placed an urgent request in the VAI help desk log system, indicating that their system was down. The log was called in at 7:49 AM, within ten minutes a Help Desk Technician had returned their call and was working on the issue. The technician had their system back up and running by 8:25 AM. Quick response time prevented business interruption and kept New Castle Battery powered up.

Ellery Homestyles Stays Completive with System 2000 and iSeries eServerTM Upgrade:
Ellery Homestyles uses VAI's System 2000 Enterprise Management software to support their distribution business to major retailers. As their volume grew, VAI performed system and application performance tuning to maximize system throughput. Additionally, VAI developed an iSeries upgrade plan to support the continued growth and projected future growth requirements. Ellery accepted VAI's IBM iSeries model 810 recommendations and implementation services. VAI implemented the successful migration to Ellery's new iSeries 810 with little to no business interruptions. System and application performance on the new iSeries 810 was better than expected and will provide significant future growth potential to Ellery Homestyles.

Website Support Tip:
A customer login and password can be requested via the website by selecting Support: VAINET at the VAI Home Page. User name and password requests will be processed within 24 hours.

Documentation Tip:
Systems Manuals and User Guides can be accessed at the VAI website via the VAINET Support function by using your customer login and password. Website documentation is updated regularly and always reflects the current PTF Release Level, therefore, documentation on the website may differ from the manuals shipped to your organization with your new System 2000 Enterprise Management Software. It is recommended to check the website if you have been unable to find the information you need in your current printed manuals.

New Training Evaluation Form:
Attendees at System 2000 Training offerings at VAI Corporate Headquarters in Ronkonkoma, New York can now submit their Training Evaluation Form directly from the desktop on the Training Room PCs. Evaluation forms are then directed to the appropriate response staff depending on the answers provided on the form.

Attendees at System 2000 Trainings held at the customer site or via webex can submit evaluation forms by visiting the VAI website at At the home page select Services: Education & Training: Training Evaluation Form.

Email: Filter SPAM(Unsolicited Bulk Email) using Real-time Black Hole List Servers

In OS/400 V5R1M0 and later versions you can specify up to three fully qualified host names of real time blacklist (RBL) servers in the SMTP server attributes. If the e-mail originator Domain/IP address is found in the black hole list, the e-mail is rejected and will not be stored. Here is a subjective list of my top three safe, free RBL services: and

On the OS/400 command line, type CHGSMTPA and press 'F4' on the Real-time Black Hole List parameter enter: ' press 'Enter' and recycle the SMTP server. When you add these RBL servers, you give your SMTP server access to these Internet-wide e-mail abusers' IP addresses and prevent them from attacking your iSeries eServer.

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